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● Skincare

When to Use Eye Patches in Skin Care Routine?

In the beauty industry, eye patches are the new trend for a glowing look. These patches are placed under the eye to enjoy a relaxing and fresh look. Eye patches are also a great solution to dark circle problems. It provides a brighter and younger look. It offers hydration, smoothing, and anti-aging action. Now the question is can I use eye patch everyday in skincare routine? Is it reasonable...

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● Makeup

What Makeup Tools Do I Need?

There are many makeup applicators available in the market. Several makeup tools have different sizes and are made of different materials such as bristles, shapes, lengths, etc. Due to this large variety, it is different from knowing which tool suits your makeup kit perfectly. You may wonder why professional makeup tools & accessories are necessary. Many makeup artists apply and blend makeup with the help of...

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